Senin, Desember 27, 2010

Negotiable up to Rp 135 trillion, Zuckerberg Microsoft Nawar Reply

In the past many people thought Mark Zuckerberg crazy when he declined the offer ofacquisition of Yahoo's top social networking sites homemade up with the price ofU.S. $ 1 billion. But in fact, although a bid has been doubled, Mark still refuses.

In 2007, Microsoft's acquisition offer of U.S. $ 15 billion or around Rp 135 trillion, butstill rejected. This information was revealed at a press conference on a webconference in Paris with the title "How to get acquired. "

Senior Director of Strategy and Acquisitions Microsoft, Fritz Lanman, asserted thatMicrosoft had tried to acquire Facebook. "Yes we try to acquisitions, Facebook has alot in common," he said.

Then Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer approached Mark Zuckerberg and offered U.S. $15 billion. Zuckerberg reportedly Ballmer replied by saying, "Why not us who buy yourcompany for U.S. $ 15 billion?"

After the rejection, Microsoft made an investment of U.S. $ 240 million (Rp 2.16trillion) to up to partnerships such as the current search.

While there is cooperation with Microsoft, Zuckerberg refused to sell it the largestsocial networking site. "I do not want to sell the company, except if I can still continue to control it," he said.


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