Senin, Desember 27, 2010

Microsoft Quietly Launches Online Game

Microsoft Corp.. has quietly launched an online game called Neosaurs. The newmultiplayer games present in this beta version can be played throughsocialnetworking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

According to Microsoft, this game actually has to be played since 9 December."Thisadventure game can be played for free," said a spokesman for Microsoft, asquoted by ZDNet.

Microsoft did not announce officially about the presence of this game because the game is still under testing and development at Microsoft Game Studios.

To develop Neosaurs, Microsoft took Al Expert Gaming Division of thecompanyCamelot Media Investments (CMI). "This new game is 'the new face of thegame',"wrote Al Expert Gaming Division on its website.

Microsoft is currently developing its business into the gaming world. The proof, a fewmonths ago the company founded Bill Gates is collaborating with Vivaty, a virtualgaming vendors three-dimensional (3D) to develop various game variants.


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