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confused to make the name unique web?

Domain is the name or address of a website make. On the Internet, everyone has to type a domain name to be opened and read the contents of a website. In this case, the role of domain name selection is quite important to distinguish your website with other people's websites.

This domain consists of domain name and extension. Blogbisnisinternet.com example, blogbisnisinternet is the domain name and. Com is extensionnya.Usually represents the extension to certain categories such as. Keperlukan com for commercial,. Net for networks,. Org for non-commercial websites, and others.

Various extensions, can be a TLD (Top Level Domains) like.. Com, net,. Org or there is also a form cTLD (country Top Level Domains) like. Co.id,. Co.cc domain which represents the country id Indonesia .

To select a domain name make a website you can use websites that provide domain name registration services or by using the domain software tools to help choose the domain name to make your website.

When you use websites that provide domain name registration services, for example domainhostingmurah.net, you just enter the domain name that you like to check if still available or not.

Tips in choosing a domain name, among others:

1. Choose a domain name make a website that is simple and easy to remember
2. Choose a domain name corresponding to the representative of the content and purpose of your website, to facilitate people to remember domain name or address to make your website later.
3. When you use a long domain names, try using the domain names containing common words, so that to avoid errors in the writing domain name.
4. You can use a dash (-) if you want.
5. Try to select the domain. Com
6. You can follow include keywords in your domain name to help the process of SEO (search engine optimization), so that your website appears in search engines with more top positions.

In this step, you already get a domain name for your website


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