Jumat, September 16, 2011

The phone will be labeled Danger Like Cigarettes

Several studies assessing the cell phone radiation is very harmful to human health. The city government of San Francisco, United States also plans to stick towhat level of radiation warning labels on all mobile phones in circulation there.

If implemented, the label will probably be installed in the phone package, likelabels on cigarette packs. Mobile users are recommended to use a headset toavoid exposure to radiation.

The proposal was put forward initiatives Environmental Policy Commission andhas won the support of San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom. If implemented, could be more stringent regulations, such as mobile phone vendors are prohibitedin the school environment related to the promotion of radiation hazards to children.

According to the commission, several scientific studies to prove long-term cell phone radiation can cause brain tumors. In addition, men who regularly carry the phone in his trouser pocket risk decreased sperm production.

"Mayor Newsom believes the label on the cell phone radiation is a consumersafeguard. He believes this step will make San Francisco a leader in the United States in promoting the label on the phone, "said a spokesman for the mayor as reported Sfexaminer, Thursday (17/12/20010).

Not only in San Francisco, Maine area is also brewing similar initiatives. Mainelegislature to consider legislation that warning labels on mobile phones to childrenand pregnant women stay away from mobile phones.

Actually, there is still debate over whether cell phone radiation actually harmful to health. A recent study in Denmark claims, phones proven to not cause braincancer.


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