Jumat, September 16, 2011

Will This New Gadget skyrocketed in the Year 2012

Soon will come the new year, new year festivities are not wasted by technology vendors. They have been preparing to pour the latest gadgets. Well, from a variety of gadgets that will be released in 2012, there are 9 new gadget that will dipredikisi skyrocketed in 2012.

As quoted from TechRadar TeknologiNET, the following nine new gadgets that should be eagerly awaited by technology enthusiasts:

1. BlackBerry Playbook

BlackBerry Playbook will mark the presence of Research In Motion (RIM) in the tablet, and the expected successful as BlackBerry smartphones. From a variety of appearance, Playbook looks stylish with promising innards. Call it a dual core processor, the new operating system and support the application.

2. Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo does not want to lose hold of technology 3 Dimensional (3D) in the console game. The gamers seem to be patiently waiting for this gadget, with the ability to display three dimensions without the aid of glasses.

3. LG Star

This is the new Android phone to be the talk. With his dual core processors. LG Star staying digadang be one of the phones 'robot green' with the best performance in 2012.

4. iPad 2

Attendance iPad 2 have not been announced officially by Apple, but a variety of leaks have been circulating about his arrival. Some of the new specification is the possibility of the existence of a front camera and more compact design.

5. Chrome Netbook OS

Google plans Chrome poured OS based laptops next year. Cloud-based laptop is expected to bring changes in the computer world.

6. Tablet Motorola Honeycomb

Motorola tablet that adopt Google's Android Honeycomb was demonstrated some time ago. Still few details revealed about this tablet, but the OS seems to bring Honeycomb allure.

7. PSP Phone

Playstation phone seems really to be released by Sony to see the various leaks that have been circulating. PlayStation fans is said to be satisfied by its presence.

8 The new HP / Palm

HP has acquired Palm plans to soon bring a new device based webOS. The combination of HP hardware and software Palm interesting awaited.

9. iPhone 5

5 things about the iPhone today is still in the stage of speculation. But look at the history of these phones are always in demand even though filled with controversy, the iPhone 5 still will be the talk if it will be released in 2012.


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