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Syllabear - The Lone Druid

Syllabear - The Lone Druid
Range: 550 | Move Speed: 315
Primary: AGI
Str: 17 + 2.1 | Agi: 24 + 2.7 | Int: 13 + 1.4
Damage: 46 – 50 | HP: 473 | Mana: 169
HP Regen: 0.76 | Mana Regen: 0.53
Attack Speed: 0.73 | Armor: 3

Summon Spirit Bear (B)
Summons a powerful Spirit Bear companion. It randomly Entangles enemies that it attacks.
Level 1 - Summons Spirit Bear with 1400 hit points and Inventory
Level 2 - Summons Spirit Bear with 1800 hit points - adds Return
Level 3 - Summons Spirit Bear with 2300 hit points - adds 20% Entangle
Level 4 - Summons Spirit Bear with 2700 hit points - adds Demolish and 33% spell resistance
• Entangle cooldown: 5 seconds
• Entangle damage: 60/sec
• Spells last as long on Spirit Bear as they do on heroes.
• Can attack up to 925 range away from Syllabear. If it attacks further away, its attack will stop.
• If the Spirit Bear dies, Syllabear will take 100 mixed damage per level of Summon Spirit Bear, from the unit that killed the Spirit Bear.

Description: Immediately teleports the Spirit Bear back to Syllabear. This skill is acquired when the Spirit Bear is at level 2.
Cooldown: 5 seconds
Mana Cost: N/A

Description: Passive ability that causes attacks to do 1.6 times normal damage to buildings.

Description: Attacks randomly cause roots to burst from the ground, immobilizing a target enemy unit for 3 seconds, and dealing 60 damage per second. 20% Chance to entangle.
• This skill is an Orb Effect that's also a Buff Placer when it procs.
• A unit can't Blink or Metamorphose when affected by this skill.
• You can bash and crit at the same time Entangle is applied.
• If the target is affected by this skill and activates an invisibility spell you'll be able to see him for Entangle's duration.

Mana Cost: 75
Cooldown: 180/160/140/120

Rabid (R)
Syllabear can create an intense combative fury in himself and his Spirit Bear Companion. Lasts for 10 seconds.
Level 1 - Increases attack speed by 10% and movement speed by 5%
Level 2 - Increases attack speed by 20% and movement speed by 10%.
Level 3 - Increases attack speed by 30% and movement speed by 15%.
Level 4 - Increases attack speed by 40% and movement speed by 20%.
Rabid goes on both the Spirit Bear and Lone Druid when casted instead of requiring a target
Mana Cost: 50
Cooldown: 30

Synergy (Y)
Increases the Lone Druid's synergy with his Spirit Bear and himself with each level, upgrading spells.
Level 1 - Adds +10 damage and movespeed on Spirit Bear, increases Rabid duration by 10 and True Form hp with +100.
Level 2 - Adds +20 damage and movespeed on Spirit Bear, increases Rabid duration by 20 and True Form hp with +200.
Level 3 - Adds +30 damage and movespeed on Spirit Bear, increases Rabid duration by 30 and True Form hp with +300.
Level 4 - Adds +40 damage and movespeed on Spirit Bear, increases Rabid duration by 40 and True Form hp with +400.
Mana Cost: N/A
Cooldown: N/A

True Form (F)
Syllabear learns to morph himself into a brown bear. Morphing into Bear Form causes Syllabear to lose his ranged advantage, by making him melee. He can morph freely between druid and bear form.
Level 1 - Morphs into Bear Form; 250 bonus health and 4 bonus Armor and has Battle Cry
Level 2 - Morphs into Bear Form; 400 bonus health and 6 bonus Armor and has Battle Cry
Level 3 - Morphs into Bear Form; 600 bonus health and 8 bonus Armor and has Battle Cry
Mana Cost: 25
Cooldown: N/A
• You can dodge stuns while transforming.
• 2 second transformation time.
• While in this state, Syllabear will have a Base Attack Time of 1.6 seconds.
• Syllabear has base movement speed of 280 while in bear form.

Description: Adds damage and armor to nearby units controlled by Syllabear.
Adds 20/40/60 Damage and 2/4/6 Armor for 8 seconds.
Cooldown: 30 seconds
Mana Cost: 50


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